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Is Real Estate Investing a Good Idea

by admin on November 27, 2018
Is Real Estate Investing a Good Idea

As Real Estate investment will take away a big chunk of our life’s earning so this question is really worth answering. Indian History has shown that many battles have been fought for land so this investment is really appreciable. The Demand of Real Estate never depreciates but its value gradually keeps on increasing with time. It is widely accepted that investment in real estate is a smarter investment as it will generate greater wealth for the future. But Real Estate Investment in India is always a big concern because investing in Real Estate will return you profit after long term.

At present people are investing in various long-term investment schemes like stock, bonds, government schemes, trading, gold, etc. to get the good stream of income flow in the future. The best choice for long-term investment among all is a Real Estate sector. Real Estate investment just not bring you the wealth, but it is much more.

There is a long list of benefits of investing in Real Estate. some of them are discussed here and if you want to know more then Himachal Homeland will  assist you.

Reasons to Invest in Real Estate:

  • Less Associated Risk : If we compare the risk associated with the Real Estate and buying shares then I must say that Real Estate will be the winner. No doubt that shares have higher growth and speedy returns, but tied up with greater risk factors. Moreover, worth of real estate sector keeps on increasing despite recession, wars and various other calamities. So I must say purchasing a land, buying a house, etc. one day will return you with a huge profit.
  • No Need of Special Knowledge : Investing in stocks, shares, bonds etc. need a lot of initial research and knowledge. This also requires updated information about the present situation of the companies in the market. But if we talk about purchasing land, building, home, etc. it just needs to do the initial survey and research the area and locality. No special education is mandatory and after surveying just invest in it.
  • Exemption from Taxes : You can avail the tax-related benefits after owning a property. Earning money through renting your property is not subjected to any tax contribution. No tax need to pay if there is appreciation or depreciation in the real estate sector. Your property is free from mortgage, operating expenses, insurance, and various other taxes.
  • Mitigate the Risk : You might have heard to diversify your portfolio to reduce the risk. So investing in the real estate sector is considered to be the tangible asset in your property that can reduce the risk in your portfolio

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